About Drupalcamp New Orleans


Combining a leading content management system with a great destination, Drupalcamp New Orleans promises a weekend of community, case studies, code, food and fun. 


Drupal is a popular free open-source modular framework and content management system (CMS). It is used to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Millions of businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations use Drupal because it is free and flexible. It is constantly being improved by the hundreds of thousands of dedicated developers that are part of the Drupal Community.

As an open-source community, Drupal users are passionate about the software and self-organize into local and regional user groups with meetups, Drupalcamps and annual conferences in North America and Europe. In South Louisiana, we have an active local community that attends meetups the first Thursday of each month at Launch Pad in New Orleans, the venue for the camp.

We hope to draw attendees ranging from local organizations needing a web site, regional people from the technology community interested in learning and using Drupal, to out-of-state members of the Drupal community who are eager to travel to destinations such as New Orleans for Drupal events.

Drupalcamp New Orleans is an attendee-driven, completely volunteer initiative modeled after the open, participatory nature of bar camps. The agenda will include a full day of presentations organized into three tracks: Beginners, Development and Theming, and Case Studies for businesses and organizations evaluating Drupal.