Drupalcamp New Orleans set for October 7, 2017

So the date is set and the venue reserved! Mark your calendars, Drupalcamp New Orleans is October 7, 2017! This year's Drupalcamp New Orleans will coincide with Gentilly Fest. Held every year in October, the Gentilly Festival is an annual festival celebrating all things "Gentilly"; including continuous live music on the main stage and gospel tent, restaurants and caterers sell sumptuous food; and an Arts and Crafts area feature original works from a variety of craft merchants. This free festival provides Drupalcamp attendees an opportunity to venture out from Downtown to experience New Orleans culture with locals.

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2017 Drupalcamp New Orleans Session Tracks

This year, we are calling for sessions covering Drupal 8 topics to fill 3 tracks: Beginners, Development & Frontend and Case Studies. Think of the following as guidelines, not rules. If you have a session topic that doesn't quite fit, but you are excited about coming to New Orleans, please submit it anyway and we'll consider it among the other submissions. If you need help with your session topic or preparing your presentation, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.

The Beginners track is the perfect place for presenters to help attendees onboard with Drupal 8 concepts:

  • Open source, the Drupal community, and Drupal.org
  • Site building with blocks, paragraphs, views and config pages
  • Utilizing Drupal 8 core breakpoints and responsive images
  • Managing media assets in Drupal
  • Creating a better content authoring experience
  • Working with contributed modules and themes
  • Using core's multilingual and globalization tools
  • Configuration management
  • Web services
  • Securing Drupal

In the Development & Frontend track, we're looking to include sessions that take a deeper dive into backend and frontend practices, such as

  • Development workflow and continuous integration
  • OOP and Symfony
  • Creating custom modules and themes
  • Working with Drupal libraries
  • Using Drupal Ajax framework and Drupal Behaviors
  • Using Migrate API

For presenters wanting to tie it all together with an example, there's the Case Studies track:

  • Case studies by vertical: Community, E-commerce, Enterprise, Government, Health, Higher Ed, Media, etc.
  • Marketing and personalization
  • Project management 
  • Solved a business challenge with Drupal?
  • Content migration
  • Third party integration

Call for Sponsors

This year will mark our first year that we are reaching out and soliciting sponsors for Drupalcamp New Orleans. We hope you will consider helping our local Drupal community grow our camp into a regional event. If that's you, check out the sponsorship page to get the details.